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Published on October 30th, 2012 | by C.S. Heinz


3 Ways to Bless Others on Halloween

Some Christians have a difficult time with Halloween.

They don’t want to celebrate a holiday associated with fear and death, so they turn off their lights and go to the bookstore instead.

But Halloween is the time of year when you interact with the most number of neighbors. People you rarely talk with are knocking on your door and you find yourself at their homes. Halloween is a great opportunity to bless your neighbors. So make the most of the holiday in three easy ways.

1) Hand Out Blessings with the Candy
Write out blessings on pieces of paper and hand them out with the candy. The blessings can be as simple as, “You’re awesome! “The world needs you!” Or, “You’re worth more than you know!”

For the blessings to be effective, the recipients have to see the statements as a blessing. While “Jesus loves you” might be a blessing to you, it might not be to them. Speak blessing in words they will appreciate.

Earlier this month our family attended Harvest Evangelism’s Transform Our World conference. In the kids’ track, the kids wrote blessings on poster boards and stood at the busy intersection outside the hotel. They held up their signs and yelled blessings like the ones above.

My wife, Colette, and I hid behind a tree to watch. Buses and cars honked. People waived. The countenance of people changed as they walked by. Frowns turned to smiles. Blessing changed the spiritual climate.

2) Give Reverse Blessings
When you receive candy at someone’s door, bless them back. Hand them a note of blessing in exchange for your candy. You’ll catch them off-guard by giving them something in return.

3) Pray for the Street As You Trick-Or-Treat
As you trick-or-treat, pray for the street. Bless each household. Imagine if the Christians in a city decided to pray-walk the streets when they were trick-or-treating. At the same time all around the city, prayers were being offered for the neighborhoods on a spiritually dark night. This would cause the neighborhood to change. Blessing precedes the move of God, just check out Luke 10.

In the same month that Newark, N.J. was named, “the most dangerous city in America,” Christians began adopting streets for daily prayer. Newark then experienced 43 homicide-free days. This hadn’t happened in 50 years. You can watch a 3-min trailer about Newark here.

Sometimes the light just needs a chance to shine. So shine on!


About the Author

C.S. Heinz thinks prayer can be better. His first book, “Made to Pray: Imagine a Better Time with God” releases June 2013 with a website and free prayer assessment at C.S. lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two children and writes at He’s also the marketing director for EnergyCAP, Inc.

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